I was on a bus
I had pondered people with painful experiences
I had some new ones from those from before
Needing to bury something?
I saw a healing green scenic route
Finding someone I could trust
It was surreal
They were closer to me than I realized
I acknowledged my faults openly with them
They were okay with talking to me
We went on slow rides on balloon rafts in a shallow river- a theme park?
Learning to do old things better

Three Kings, Three Queens
I know a scholar
There was a man of evil, a man of unyielding tolerance in the face of resistance, yet unclear if unaware or truly malicious
A Theater
An Orphanage
A Third Kingdom
Who ruled the fourth?
There were petty quarrels, but not the slightest bit consequential
Something about my brother? Or rather, someone else
New Generations
Something that I didn't have, I had all along

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