I've tried tinc 1.1 and the invite system makes configuration so much easier. There're still a couple of things that you have to configure manually, (like network device up and down scripts), but overall now adding new tinc nodes isn't a complete pain anymore.

Guess now we need some notion.so alternative. Right now I use Joplin and it's been pretty good, but I greatly prefer notion tree-like navigation system.
You can kinda simulate it in Joplin, but it's nowhere near as convenient.

Noticed that Nextcloud has now apps for Calendar, screensharing, meetings, mail.
Are they trying to be a self-hosted alternative to Google services? I'm all for that!

I'm playing WoW Classic on Mograine EU realm as Alliance. If any one is on the same realm poke me! I'm not sure for how long I'll be playing though, we'll see!

Never seen anyone before actually use the
do { thing
; x <- thing2
; thing3 }
syntax. Apparently in GHC it is used everywhere!

There are hardware solutions for this, but this sounds somewhat ridiculous that I have to solve seemingly software problem with hardware.

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From what my google searches yielded me there's no real solution for this problem yet, unless your monitor supports disabling plug'n'play capability (mine doesn't) or you own an NVidia Quadra card (I don't). So I guess I have to just deal with it.

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DisplayPort sucks. Apparently, because of plug in play capability, whenever you turn off the monitor, the system considers it as plugged off and reconfigures the entire desktop for only one screen. This has not been a problem with DVI and VGA, whenever I turned off the screen, the system still considered it to be plugged in.

This is especially annoying because Windows has a notion of "primary" screen which is where the task bar with icons is located and other things. Unfortunately some games only open themselves on the primary screen so I have to set my bigger screen as one, even though I'd prefer my "primary" taskbar to be on the smaller monitor. There's a workaround: you can just move that taskbar on the other screen and it's fine. However, because of this plug and play issue, whenever I turn my bigger screen back on, Windows is like: "oh, Primary monitor connected back, let's move the taskbar back there and also let's move ALL windows there!"

Got myself a 32" monitor. It's much bigger than I anticipated.

Also, unlike Twitter, Mastodon has sane notification system. 😜

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You know, now that @NaiJi uses Mastodon, I might actually post stuff here more often.

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