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Release of my second album!
Go get it, share, use (availible under CC BY-SA 3.0) and provide feedback!

So... @cult, what you have to know to operate your mastodon server propertly? I can already say what my skills is lacking, but it can be a good opportunity to learn this stuff, and maybe back you up in the future. I hope what different countries is not that much of a problem.

I wonder if there any FLOSS app repository for Windows like

Out of the blue decided to draw logo by hand. Considering my... quite low skill in drawing something in purpose, it is not as bad as i thought

It's pride month...
So i have to keep myself from checking federated timeline for the whole month at least.
Better don't bother myself and everyone

А звук работы компа в наушниках убаюкивает не хуже спокойной музыки, особенно когда устал

Finally managed to fix a problem with manjaro logo instead of the tty terminals.
Reason: While i had an old graphics card it worked in nomodeset mode. So most of the time my primary screen was blacked out while terminal worked on the secondary. I'd tried to fix this issue by adding some fbcon mode to my grub config. It wasn't successful, so i gave up.
After changing my graphics card to a newer one all monitors worked as expected, but there was a Manjaro logo instead of the boot info, what affects tty too.
Now, after removing the line and updation grub everything work as expected.
Выпустил свой второй альбом, сделанный на санвоксе. Буду рад если кто нибудь оценит и предоставит отзывы. Треки можно свободно использовать под лицензией CC BY-SA 3.0
Release of my second album!
Go get it, share, use (availible under CC BY-SA 3.0) and provide feedback!

Hi! While trying your client on linux i have encountered a problem. I cannot authorize this client at all. Any time i put code into the app i got error 401: invalid_client

Another album is in writing stage now. I still waiting for feedback at the first one tho.

Remade my avatar in Inkscape. Now it must look more polished

Release of my first music album
No minimum price, so go listen to it and get it if you wish

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Для флибусты разработали мобильное приложение, теперь любые книжечки можно скачивать на свой ведроид без танцев с бубнами.


Sitting from a notebook what i have cleaned recently. Tomorrow i will give it back to owner
Hello world!

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The church is still remarkably intact. Basically only the roof burned and then the burnt out tower kinda collapsed into it. It really looked a lot more dramatic.

Решил попробовать Bedrock Linux. Есть среди вас те, кто уже имел опыт работы с ним?

While doing some practice work i had accidently discovered a couple of keyboard shortcuts for browsers what i will totally use
shift+tab - back to the previous element
ctrl+tab - switch to another tab
ctrl+shift+tab - switch back to previous tab

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