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Release of the new album "Calm and Chilling"
Listen, Download, Support me:

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated

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Release of my second album!
Go get it, share, use (availible under CC BY-SA 3.0) and provide feedback!

So... It's my birthday! I'm 20 years old now. That feels... amusing.

РУС: То чувство, когда понимаешь, что как бы ты не старался, обработать голос в аудасити, чтобы он звучал женственнее, у тебя не выходит.

ENG: tfw you understand what no matter how hard you try to edit your voice in Audacity to sound more feminine, you will never succeed

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Why do folks often believe that to go FOSS, they need to remove Outlook, Office, and Windows all at once and then use FOSS only next day?
First install Firefox on Windows, get used to that. Then Thunderbird. Later Libre Office. And so on. When all that goes smoothly, then think about Linux.
Go FOSS step by step.

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I'm tired of these dishonest diatribes trying to argue that Social Media provides no value to the world.

Tell that to the grandparents who have been able to keep in touch with their grandkids on a daily basis instead of the way it used to be: whenever they could manage to get on the telephone or visit.

Tell that to the marriages that happened because people were able to connect.

Tell that to the businesses that started because people were able to easily network.

Tell that to the families split across the world who can keep in touch (like my wife's uncle and his family in Germany, who she would only ever see for a week every 5 years when they came back to the USA to visit)

We wouldn't be here if Social Media sucked. No, we just don't like the corporations extracting their own value from our lives. We're here because we want the power back, and we finally have the tools to do it.
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It is also approved, that brainloller, like brainfuck, will skip any other colors, except working ones

Even then the name was changed. The file were absolutely the same size. I just now ran this image through an interpreter, code works just as expected! I may put here some more brainloller source codes someday

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Feels perfect. Can anyone prove this code still works or not? If the filename is brainloller.png, there is a 99% that the code will work as expected

I wonder... What's the lowest limit for an image size? Can i put here a brainloller code as a 363 bytes .png file without any compression?

Let's test it out

Just noticed mastodon keyboard shortcuts. And also noticed what i can use k and j like i do in vim. That's an interesting touch, will try it from now. i hope what it will not conflict with firefox extention for vim-like browser control

Mobile web version of mastodon is certainly fast and responsive. I don't even understand why i bothered with mastodon apps in the first place.

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Google wants you to not block cookies because then developers (read: google devs) will be forced to deploy fingerprinting

"If y'all had just handed over your wallet when we asked, we wouldn't have had to hurt you. So really, this is your fault."

Release of the new album "Calm and Chilling"
Listen, Download, Support me:

As always, feedback is greatly appreciated

Новый альбом, "Calm and Chilling"
Прослушать, скачать, поддержать автора:

Отзывы приветствуются!

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@rf Надумал тут превратить свой ноут (использую редко, преимущественно для работы) в чисто текстовую машинку. Экспериментов захотелось. И вот печаль — мои потребности перекрываются консольными программами по всем параметрам кроме одного — бляццкий Скайп. В работе он нужен постоянно.
Внимание, уважаемые знатоки, вопрос — какие вам известны способы использовать чятики бляццкого Скайпа из никсовой консоли?


Recently bought myself a fountain pen. It was strange to use it at first, but now i love it

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probably unpopular fediverse opinion 

Timelines by default should only show parent posts and not replies. Showing replies in the timeline gives people opportunity to do shit posts / hot takes about comments others are making without knowing full context because they didn't read the whole thread.

We make fun of people for posting in comments on link aggregator sites like Slashdot, Reddit, etc, but then built a whole social network to encourage that exact behavior.

Fediverse is becoming the equivalent of browsing the Hackernews "newcomments" feed:

Finaly passed my exams with exellent marks. Now here's more work to do. Music, coding, another stuff. What to do first...?
(Went to play hdoom)

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