I usually post in Polish but as I want to reach out to as many people as it is possible I'll post this message in English.

My question for today: Do you know any methods for me to learn how to love myself (I mean my personality, "good" traits, who I really am etc. I guess you get my point)?

@robert_wolniak Caring about myself at all was the first step to loving myself. I had to stop seeking the things I thought would "fix" me (I'm talking about relationships, achievements. I still needed medication and therapy to get where I am now) and instead seek to evaluate myself honestly, admit to and own my faults, improve the parts of me I liked, and on the days when I couldn't find anything about myself to like, I would just try to do caring good things for other people.

@Celestia That's actually a great advice :) Thanks man!

I actually wrote this toot quite some time ago so I already started changing something in my life and it seems that I follow the same path as you. I try to focus on myself or some small group of people who actually like me who I am and for now... it pays off I guess ;)


@robert_wolniak That's awesome! I'm curious what prompted you to follow me? Was it the ponies? Lol

@Celestia To follow your advice or to follow you on Mastodon?

As for the first one: just coincidence :D but you're not the only person who gave me similar advice (still some of these people who advised me this were MLP fans - there must be something in it...)

And about following you on Mastodon: welp, that's one thing. Second one is your hobby - I also love MLP and tabletop RPGs! :D

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