Fiction, mental health 

Food, sushi, fried animal heads 

Food, fried food, Chinese food, burnt food, peanuts 

Religion, joking about religion, 3D printing, damaged desk surfaces, Celestia the almighty 

Snow coming down. It's beautiful, I haven't lost that awe for it. But it takes work to live here.

Food, meat, abuse of sauces 

Raw meat, chicken, food, unskilled cooking 

Driving to neighboring states always reminds me how much I need trees and greenery around.

Plastic, 3D printing, and a partial view of an aluminum can of soda or something. 

@cult Any chance I could add Celestia emotes? hehehe
I know, just after joining and I'm already pinging the server owner, how rude!

My personal PC, sadly I'm looking at selling off the motherboard, CPUs, and RAM in order to build a more compact PC, since I'm not using this to full capacity. EVGA SR-X with 20 physical cores and 64GB of ECC RAM

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2/x: why capacitors are dangerous:

a battery has a current limit, largely dictated by the chemistry. If it gives more current either the voltage drops or the battery sets itself on fire

a cap has no such limit. if a cap is shorted, the only limit to current is the resistance in the wire. If it stores 10V and the wire has 1mOh, the current will be 10kA. Nothing will stop that current from flowing. The wire will carry that energy until it evaporates. And in less than a few milliseconds, the energy has been dissipated and it's over. 10V at 10kA means in that time your cap is outputting 100 kilowatts of energy. Of course, the stored energy is only a few joules but for watts what matters is the time it takes to run through that.

also this fried my outdoor sensor. gonna have to build a new one.

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the witcher on netflix is proof that good and well written video-game TV shows or movies can exist.

it's just sad I won't be able to experience all of the 400 side quests on screen

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