My latest project, since I'm tucking a server rack into a nook in a wall, having access to the back of it would be really nice. This space between walls used to hold a chimney. I put in a floor, added an outlet, and added this door in the back of it. The server rack will eventually slide directly into that space, the hot air being vented out by fans connected to the old chimney.

Our cat is dying.
She raised him from a baby, and he has cancer ravaging his intestines.
And I only feel concern and sadness for her, one step removed.
The easy but false excuse would be that I'm autistic.
The real reason would be that I was raised to think a thousand times before feeling, to avoid punishment. So I don't feel, for far too long.

Really, what is the point of having strong morals and opinions about how the world should be, if you can't apply the same charity you show others to yourself, and ensure that your beliefs will benefit your own mental health as well as do good to others? Flagellation may water the crops with your blood, but if you can't tend to those crops, you've still failed.

Food, meat, sushi, money 

It's been a long time since my spouse and I had sushi, so I went ahead and spent a chunk of money on delivery sushi from a place we like. Absolutely loved it, worth the cost for sure.

This is it, the last refining before I go in for surgery. The gem spot is the wrong shape, but this is still a nice first draft. What do you all think? I'll read your replies when I wake up from surgery.

Here, I've partially shaped the blade, rounded it off and carved the hidden edges facing the crossguards, which in the process broke the crossguards off, before I reattached them and made the second set of crossguards for the other side.

Continuing the saga of the sword, this was the rough cut outline. I made the mistake of attaching the crossguards before shaping the blade, so that became a problem later, hah!

So, She-Ra spoilers.
There's a sword from the show I like a lot. A long time ago I used to carve small wood swords for fun, and I thought, I could make a larger one out of this one!
The thing is, I started this process with a worse screenshot than the one here, so a few details won't match. However, this first version is sort of a test, I can learn a few lessons from it and the next version will be better.

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I've come to a realization.
I am a covert narcissist. I believe that I ought to be a leader. I believe my thoughts could shatter mountains. But I suppose I fail to show it because I assume everyone else is just as powerful, just as potent, given the right opportunity.
I may believe I'm deific, but so is everyone else.
A modern day pantheon of druggies sobbing in dark corners, lovers entangled in their own pains, and caregivers laying down the weak or young to rest.
I gladly worship you all.

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So I'm writing a weird MLP 40k fanfic, which I think has a novel take on the concept. Two chapters so far, 2k words, check it out.

Drawing, RP, space station 

A space station that I'm drawing for a RP setting which, sadly, I have no control over besides contributing some detail. But I'm proud of the drawing.

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started a new mini campaign. players recruited by almost-bankcrupt noble to check out an elven colony in a far away colony

get attacked by fish


A close friend gifted me a plush Celestia. I have an intense desire to 3D print her a new set of regalia, but that requires me to learn how to use Blender.

Fiction, mental health 

I tend to be most creatively active when laying in my bed in the dark. I also tend to get more depressed at night. I know for sure that these two things aren't connected, but they lead to a deep self criticism of my creative works, and deep insecurity. My already poor record of getting feedback becomes a black hole that pulls in all my fantasies, crushing them.

Food, sushi, fried animal heads 

A very rare but wonderful occurrence, got to go to North Beach Sushi in San Francisco. By far the highest quality and most enjoyable sushi I've ever had, we only come here every great once in a while. But it's worth it.

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